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The Big 12 soap opera realignment

Posted on: October 22, 2011 4:57 pm
The events leading up to and after the Big XII defections.  Comment if you've got some.

The Big XII conference contract will end June 30, 2011 and will be renewed for 5 years, next period ending in 2016.

I'll start with the Huskers never liking being a part of the Big XII. Tom Osborne has always carried this grudge. He was dragged into the Big XII.  He was always against a CCG and then during the inaugural Big XII Championship game, which Tom Osborne didn't want, Texas surprises Nebraska and wins the first Big XII Football title. Talk about salt in the wound. He's got his way now and it'll cost NU big bucks, between $10 and $20 million, 80% of the revenue NU gets from the Big XII.  During the inception of the Big XII, it was agreed the cost of leaving would be 50% of Big XII revenue for two year, with proper notice. But NU will now go to the Big Ten, which will also have a Championship game

Oct 21 2006 Nebraska hosts Texas and loses when with 23 seconds remaining in the game Ryan Bailey kicks the winning field goal with snow falling.  It only gets worse for the Huskers as the loss leads to the current five game losing streak against the Longhorns.  Nebraska is currently one and eight against Texas.

June 10, 2009 and the signing of the NCAA's College World Series new contract. It's 25 years and ends in 2035. Tradition has kept the CWS at Omaha, Nebraska since 1950. For those unaware of baseball, it's several days of games culminating in the NCAA Baseball Div 1 Championship.

This is when I believe Jim Delaney got together with Larry Scott and hatched the let's break up the Big XII and stall a Division I playoff.

The Big XII holds their annual conference meetings in June 2009 and the media has little to report, other than how the Big XII revenue was distributed. During the spring meeting a vote to change the tiebreaker rule, this is the rule which sent OU to the Big XII CCG, was rejected by all members, including Texas.

Fall of 2009 Nebraska wants the 2010 home game with Texas rescheduled to thursday night for a cable broadcast.  Texas says no, Osborne complains to the media.  Ironically, the 2010 game will probably end up being broadcast nationally on ABC.  It will also be the last regular season game between Texas and Nebraska.  Add Nebraska to LSU, Vanderbilt, Utah and the other teams that shun playing Texas in football.

During the 2009-2010 Big XII Championship, instant replay rules one second was on the clock when Colt McCoy's last pass hits out of bounds. Bo Pelini, Tom Osborne and the Husker nation is inflamed because they wanted desperately to win a third Big XII Championship.  Instead, Hunter Lawrence ruins the Huskers championship expectations by kicking a field goal as time expires to win the game for Texas.  Husker fans continue to be upset by the loss and the proper application of Official Review.

December 2009, Jim Delaney of the Big Ten announces his conference intends to expand.

12/18/2009 In an interview with the Associated Press, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Missouri grad, endorsed the move and offered some interesting opinions of current Big 12 member institutions.

During the Big XII meetings in March, Colorado is mute and Nebraska is upset because their proposal to alter revenue sharing is rejected 11 to 1.  Nebraska doesn't mention that the rejection might mean they will leave the conference.

05/19/2010 CHICAGO — Emerging from his self-imposed "silent phase" for the second time in a month, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany jammed the brakes on a gathering perception of a ramped-up pace to the Big Ten's expansion study.

"The only thing I can tell you is we're months away from that decision," he said Tuesday during the Big Ten meetings at the Sofitel Hotel.

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06/06/2010 Big XII issues ultimatum to Nebraska and Missouri, stay or announce you will leave.

xxx 2010, Missouri succumbs to the rumors. It announces it wants to go to the Big Ten. The Big Ten is silent.

06/10/2010, rumors of Utah going to the Pac-10 remain rumors, as Colorado to the PAC-10 rumors prove true. Colorado announces it will leave after the 2012 season.  Colorado silent and don't reveal any reasons.

06/11/2010, Nebraska announces it wants membership in the Big Ten during a special regents meeting with the press and public present, highly unusual. Regent meetings are almost always held behind closed doors. All regents, coaches and administrators agree unamiously. During the meeting, NU officials accuse UT of bullying the Big XII members.

06/11/2010, The Big Ten's board of presidents and chancellors unanimously welcomed Nebraska to the Big Ten on Friday, just a few hours after the school formally disclosed its interest. The move takes effect July 1, 2011.

Rumors surface, Nebraska left because Texas wouldn't agree to their terms for a Big XII network.  Sooner Network will be a reality before a Longhorn network.  OU already has a HD studio on campus.  So, it wasn't just Texas.  

Nebraska left because of a revenue distribution which rewarded greater TV appearances and revenue with bigger share.  This was agreed to by NU when the conference formed.  What is even weirder is that the Huskers got more than the average for the last two years.  I'm confused, I know Tom Osborne is a Republican conservative.  I can't believe he advocated everybody gets an even share, isn't that extreme, socialism-like?

It's been commented/rumored that Nebraska left because the Texas Chancellor would not commit to the Big XII after 2016. This is also funny since the next contract period would end in 2016.  A verbal committment is meaningless with a written contract and these guys are educated enough to know that. Even funnier, why didn't the NU Chancellor mention they were pondering an exit?

Delaney tells Nebraska that the Huskers won't have to pay an exit penalty from the Big XII. Larry Scott gives Colorado the same assurances.

06/11/2010 Rumors of Missouri going to the Big Ten end.
Dodd's blog:
Beebe spoke to Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany Friday after the league invited Nebraska. Asked during a conference call Beebe said, "At this point, as far as we're concerned my understanding is [the Big Ten is done with Big 12 teams]."

A KC paper reports two unidentified sources(Delaney and Scott) revealing
Pac-10 expansion rumors. aTm, OSU, OU, Texas Tech and UT have been invited to join the Pac-10. aTm says the Pac-10 is too far away and wants to go to the SEC.

Pac-10 officials visit the five rumored Big XII schools. aTm is not impressed by the Pac-10 advances.

Beebe tells the rumored five, that big tv money is coming with one of the new contracts starting in 2012. The other ends in 2016, the next Big XII contact ending date.

Boone Pickens and his donated millions states he wants OSU to be in the same conference UT.

This is my made-up rumor. Deloss Dobbs is reminded of the "Exit Fee" clause in the Bylaws.  Should Nebraska and Colorado pay big for leaving with only a one year notice? He thinks for less than a minute, smiles, saying we need to stay in the same conference as aTm. UT remains in the Big XII.

The five schools say no to the Pac-10 offer.

Iowa State offers up an idea, the forgotten five, Baylor, Iowa State, MU, KSU and KU will give their revenue from the "Exit Fee" to aTM, OU and UT.  

Deloss Dodds of Texas refuses the charity and suggests giving it to a new Big XII Fund. However Big XII by-laws state the money will be distributed according to the revenue sharing formula.

Colorado officials estimate their "Exit Fee" to be $9 million and state they will leave the Big XII in one year.  This is funny.  They were probably thinking they could get the Exit Fee down to 50% by giving 2 years notice, then they realized the contract ended June 30, 2011.  Whether they left in June 2011 or 2012, the cost is 80% Big XII revenue for two years. For CU it should be more than 15 million and 20 million plus for the Huskers. Negotiation may reduce the amount, but the Big XII has the upper hand as the money is in their bank accounts, not the schools.

06/16/2010, Utah to the Pac-10 rumors are confirmed as Utah accepts admission to the Pac-10.

06/14/2010 The Big XII with ten members will continue.

Dan Boren of OU confirms rumors that aTm and OU were offered admission to the SEC.

Throughout all of this few recognize that the ten members of the new Big XII include the two winningest NCAA AQ football teams for the last years.  The Big XII, the ACC and the SEC are the only conferences to win Division I Championships in football, basketball and baseball in the last ten years. I bet the Big Ten and the Pac-10 would like to have that.  You have got to give Delaney and Scott credit, they tried to break up a top conference, got close and failed.

The part that gets to me is the Huskers get close to the same deal they had with the Big XII. A CCG which they supposely didn't want and instead of Texas bullying them and the conference they are in, it's Ohio State and Michigan.  Almost as funny the Big XII won't have a CCG after it has ten members.


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The Big 12 soap opera realignment

I think the Big 12 is better off without the schools that have and are about to leave. TCU and WVU are improvements over Missouri and a&m. Losing UNL and CU were balanced out by each other, CU is a bad joke in athletics. The biggest mistake that Texas did was allow DeLoss Dodds to talk to the press. Early on he stated that UT was going to be proactive about expansion, which never panned out. That caused some schools to use that as the excuse to leave. Most of us recognized that the LHN would be a sticking point for exclusion. Realistically, the Big 12 is the best fit for UT of any conference. It makes sense and dollars, both geographically and economically.<br />

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The Big 12 soap opera realignment

Yea, this is a dry recap of the events. Good job. One thing that was not mentioned here was that (if memory serves correctly), NU and CU both voted for the unequal distribution of revenue at the formation of the conference. Mizzou did not- so I give the Tigers credit for being consistent with their position.

You didn't see the South complain about the deal when they were getting owned by the North up until 2000.

Actually, the Huskers are 1-9 against the Horns in the B-XII and 4-10 overall. That is what really gotten the Huskers in a tiff. They are not being used to being lapdog for anybody. All of A&M's actions have been directed at getting back at Texas b/c of Byrne's previous employment in Lincoln.

I also agree that the money may not be there for either Nebraska or TAMU in the short-term. I think it was a smart move for Nebraska to leave and I don't think it really hurt the B-XII. The Aggies move might, but it's way too early to tell. 

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